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Recreate WND At Home!

Enjoyed the food you ate at Wednesday Night Dinner and want to make it at home? Look no further, here are all the recipes used for you to follow and recreate.

About Wednesday Night Dinners (WND)

Wednesday Night Dinners are dedicated to addressing food insecurity on campus by offering an affordable yet delectable three-course meal. Our mission is not only to satiate hunger but also to foster a sense of community through the shared experience of enjoying wholesome and flavorful vegan dishes. With a commitment to dietary inclusivity, all our meals are not only vegan but also nut-free, ensuring that as many individuals as possible can partake in this culinary endeavour. 

Our devoted team, characterized by their unwavering passion and diligence, works tirelessly to prepare and serve each meal with utmost care. By eliminating barriers related to dietary restrictions, WND strives to create an inclusive dining environment where everyone can gather, share, and relish in the joy of a good meal. 


Moreover, WND extends its impact beyond the dining table by providing recipes for the meals served during the events. This initiative empowers students to recreate the culinary magic of WND in the comfort of their homes, promoting a sustainable and accessible approach to delicious, plant-based cooking.”  


Want to join the WND team?
Apply in the link below:

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