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Below are Health and Wellness resources that are here to support you.

Wellness Center

Reopening - As we transition back to in-person activities on campus, we are excited to share that the Wellness Centre in the Life Building has reopened, and they are offering a variety of programs and services for students as outlined below: 

Want to learn more? Visit for more details and feel free to connect with them via email at or on Instagram @UBCWellnessCentre to find out more about what resources may be helpful for you! 




Other UBC Services

Online Counselling Services - UBC Counselling Services is offering online group counselling programs that focus on different topics and/or themes including an international student support group, graduate student support group, and mindful stress management group. To learn more and for registration details, please click here.  


UBC Quarantine Bursary - UBC is offering a quarantine bursary for students who do not meet current federal exemptions, for mandatory quarantine upon arrival in Canada. You may be eligible for assistance if you need to quarantine upon entry. See details about whether you are eligible for this bursary and how to apply here .  


Wellness Navigator - Looking for something else? See what other health supports are available to UBC students or chat with a Wellness Navigator to find out more about what resources may be helpful for you! 

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