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UBC Cooking Club


The UBC Cooking Club is dedicated to introducing everybody to practical cooking skills and to help connect foodies alike. They host cooking sessions in the Food Nutrition and Health building. During cooking sessions, they create 2-3 dishes (both savory and sweet) together and enjoy the fruits of their labor. The club is also involved in charity efforts with food banks and soup kitchens.


Common Energy UBC


Common Energy UBC is the largest and most active student sustainability group at UBC. They work with four teams: Dialogue, Challenges, Tangible Solutions, and Food. Their projects range from Do It in the Dark (the energy competition in the first-year residence) to WWF Earth Hour and Compost Flash Mobs to designing student engagement strategy. Common Energy strives to incorporate sustainability into ALL aspects of the UBC community. CE works to create a space where students volunteer their time on a variety of projects in a team setting and, in exchange, receive professional development training at monthly "Big-Team" meetings. CE is a great place to meet like-minded people, make a difference, and take action on campus!


UBC Food Science Club


The UBC Food Science Club is an academic club looking for students from all disciplines to participate and contribute to an exciting year of food processing tours, demonstrations, and experiments of our own. Look forward to learning the science behind wine and cheese pairings, making wine, brewing beer, making yogurt, cheese, and all the great chemical reactions that happen in baked goods! For food science students of different ages, this is a great low-key environment to share advice about courses, programs, and student life, in general. Networking is an integral part of succeeding in your future career—start now in a low-pressure environment with your peers.


Roots on the Roof


Roots on the Roof (UBC Rooftop Garden Club) manages the rooftop garden space on top of the Nest, UBC’s student union building, and creates a communal space that celebrates sustainable and just food systems through healthy relationships with food, each other, and the natural world. They aim to raise awareness, and facilitate student and community capacity around food by growing and harvesting food sustainably, and by hosting activities and events to facilitate conversations around food, culture, health, and sustainability. By engaging with UBC’s diverse community, they hope to provide an avenue for knowledge sharing that facilitates dynamic ways to approach food system issues.





The UBC Pre-Veterinary and Animal Welfare Club, or ‘PAW’, is dedicated to providing information to prospective vet students and those interested in topics of animal welfare. They host information sessions with veterinary school representatives from around the world, as well as talks with professionals from within both the fields of veterinary medicine and animal welfare.  In addition to helping members prepare for veterinary school, they are also focused on helping members pursue other careers working with animals and to increase awareness on animal welfare-related topics.





Nutrikids is a UBC student initiative that provides nutrition education workshops in Vancouver elementary schools.  Student volunteers work in pods to plan and run these interactive workshops, allowing them a chance to apply content learned in class while developing public speaking, teamwork, and leadership skills.   This hands-on experience is invaluable for students, giving them a chance to advocate the importance of healthy eating and living in their community. 

Our fundamental belief is that giving kids the opportunity to touch, feel, smell, taste, and experience a variety of whole foods, is key to cultivating a lasting relationship to healthy eating for life – therefore healthy, happy kids.



Agora Café


Agora Café is a student-run volunteer based café located in the basement space of the MacMillan building. All menu items are vegan and some options are gluten free and dairy free. Grab something sweet like their famous granola bars or brownies or their chickpea hummus with veggies if you're craving a healthy savory snack. The volunteers are passionate about serving healthy, affordable and accessible food for all students at UBC with the overall goal of leading UBC towards a sustainable future.

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