Looking to get involved within the LFS|US, but a bit tight on time commitment? Subcommittees are open to any interested LFS undergraduate students who would like lightly get involved within the LFS|US! You will have the opportunity to take initiative in the direction of our four Subcommittees.

You can apply for a subcommittee in every September.


Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

  • Aims to foster an inclusive environment within the faculty through educational and advocacy-focused initiatives. By joining this new subcommittee, you will work with a team of passionate individuals that strives to advocate for the BIPOC and LGBTQIA2S+ community and place emphasis on both global and local issues occurring today.

  • Chaired by: the President, Senior Advisor, and Senator


  • To review applications for the LFS|US Grants and Funding Programs, and to provide feedback and student voices for the VP Finance when making financial decisions (i.e. approving budget expansions or changes). As a member of the Grants Subcommittee, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the LFS|US and finances, and be directly involved in deciding how your student fees are spent.

  • Chaired by: VP Finance


Public Bills

  • Responsible for keeping the LFS|US Code, Constitution, and Bylaws up to date. This includes evaluating updates for the Elections Handbook and Code of Procedures during the fall and spring elections. Subcommittee members will take initiative towards proposing possible changes to the LFS|US Code, Constitution, and Bylaws that would apply to every student within the undergraduate society. Some past projects include the Program Funds Allowance Ordinance, Climate Strike Ordinance, and the Information Distribution Accountability Ordinance.

  • Chaired by: VP Administration


  • Aims to ensure the sustainability of the actions taken by LFS|US, in alignment with the LFS|US Sustainability Recommendation Report and UBC Sustainability goals. As a member of the Sustainability Subcommittee, you will have the opportunity to take initiative and advance the sustainability of our undergraduate society and community. Some past projects include the Recycling Expansion and Inclusion Project, as well as the MacMillan Courtyard Project.

  • Chaired by: Senior Advisor