Climate Vision 2020

Climate Vision 2020 is a week long Case Competition, where participating teams are challenged to explore specific ways Metro Vancouver can minimize their carbon emissionsThe event is kicked off on March 14th with a keynote speech and presentation of your team's research will be on March 21st

Climate Vision Q&A's

  • Q: Why do you have helium balloons at your event?

  • A: We fill our balloons depending on the events. Since our event takes place close to the LFS Gala, balloons were not filled specifically for this event.

  • Q: What is the time commitment for this event?

  • A: The keynote speech will happen March 14th from [10am-12pm] with lunch afterwards. Presentation are from 10:00-3:00 on March 21st and groups are expected to be free during the available for entire time. There will be a lunch break in at noon. Groups are expected to spend their own time between the two events to prepare. We suggest spending at least 20 hours individually for a successful presentation

  • Q:Is the keynote event mandatory?

  • A: Yes, everyone is expected to attend the keynote speech. However, requests to be excused will be evaluated at a case by case basis

  • Q: I'm interested but I don't have a team! What do I do?

  • A: Individuals can still register and we will add you to a team

  • Q:Is there food provided?

  • A: There will be lunch provided at both the keynote speech event and the presentation day. Please note any dietary restrictions when registering and bring your own cutlery and plate

  • Q: How many team members are needed in a team?

  • A: 4-5 people! We require participants in a team to be in at least 2 different faculties!

  • Q: What can we get out of Climate Vision 2020?

  • A: Experience, of course! This week-long case competition urges you to think outside the box to solve one of the world’s most crucial issues!

  • Q: What’s the prize?

  • A: $1000 for 1st place, $500 for 2nd place and $250 for 3rd place!! (edited)

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